Mechanics since 1886

In operation for more than 130 years, the Pomini Tenova workshop offers a high quality service for design, high precision machining and assembly of equipment. Pomini Tenova offers itself as a strategic partner in the manufacturing of products requiring particular attention towards high tolerances and technology. Pomini Tenova is able to provide high quality services due to the quality and technological level of it’s workshop machines, the huge range of measurement instruments – yearly certified – and its highly skilled technicians. According to specific customer requirements it is possible to provide precision machining of castings and electro-welded structures or a complete service including the design, procurement, machining, assembly, painting, packaging and shipping of special machines.

Historical background

The Cavalier Luigi Pomini (1853-1916) began working at a young age in the factory of the Breda Company, where he stood out for his commitment and then later in the Ponti textile factory. In 1886 he founded his own workshop in Castellanza with about 10 employees. At first they only repaired equipment, but then they began to specialize in the design and manufacture of transmissions, speed reducers and gears. The development of the Company was achieved thanks to the co-operation among the workers and to the technical know-how of his son, Eng. Ottorino Pomini. He was not only a regular lecturer of Machine Manufacturing at the Milan Politecnico University but also the author of several university books and publications. Thanks to Ottorino, the Company obtained a large number of patents in the field of transmissions and gearboxes. Today Pomini is part of Tenova S.p.A. Company, a group operating worldwide in the supply of technology, products and services for the Metals and Mining Industry. Thanks to the continuous development of technology, supported by a strong tradition and culture of reliability and precision, Pomini has become a leading brand and benchmark in its field.